Sex can be enjoyed a lot better as a shared experience

Better sexual experience improves relationship. Porn triggers sexual feeling. So, why not include your partner in the act of watching porn? Sex is often considered man’s domain, but women are also equally interested in sexual acts as per results for various studies. Let your woman/girl play her favorite porn, and you try to re-perform those acts to make her happy. This will not just change the atmosphere in your house, but chances are that she would never say no to sex again, even if she is not in the right mood.

If you find that kids and other family members are out, just switch on porn, and enjoy each and every second with your partner.

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Porn is not competition

Research suggests that some women feel upset and sad if they find that their husband likes to read Playboy like magazines or often watches porn.  Several Psychologists suggest women that they should not feel sad about their husband’s porn habits. Real man knows the difference between fake plastic dolls, and real queen.

Man might watch porn to ignite some fire, but he would only go to his “real” queen to satisfy his sexual desire.  So, instead of considering watching porn as crime, woman should join her husband, and tell him to play the kind of porn that she prefers.

Porn can help you stay together

Sex is the act that can not only keep relationship intact, but it can also help in saving marriage. It has been observed by experts that problems often start from bed, and can be ended while on bed. According to Canada based McGill University’s research, porn can help both men and women to reach maximum arousal quickly. So, even if you are not able to agree with your partner in most of the issues, porn can help you to be on the same shore with your partner. At the most, both of you might end-up fantasizing about someone else while enjoying sex with each other.

Porn can also help you, rather teach you to finish your act quickly. It can help you get the best out of those intimate moments that you spend with your partner in bed, or while standing.  If your woman insists on lengthy sessions, porn can also help you keep up the heat for several minutes.  For wide-range of porn clips, including rape videos that have interesting stories, you should visit JPorn website.  Their collection would force you to bookmark the site.

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