Maintain health with Sex

Having sex can be fun. Every couple may enjoy it. Apart from getting sexy vibes and having sex just for pleasure; there are various other reasons of why sex is good? Having sex on regular basis can improve your relationship with your partner, but it is also advantageous to your health. According to research, having one or two love making sessions can be very beneficial to your overall health. We enlist reasons of why it is good:

Healthy Sex

  • Look younger: having sex regularly may act as anti-aging therapy for you. After a good love making session, it relieves your body toxins and helps you look younger.
  • Helps improve fertility rate: Frequent sex can improve rate of fertility. Regular sex keeps your sperm healthy. It will also keep men health in good shape. For female, it will let your periods be in control. By having sex twice in a week you can drastically improve your chances of conceiving.
  • Fights from cold and flu: it has been found that, people who have sex regularly tend to be healthier than who do not. The antibodies levels in blood get boosted. The immunoglobulin A, is an antibody which rises when having sex.
  • Lengthen your life: According to studies conducted in Australia, people who experience climax occasionally tend to live longer than people who do once a month. The life span increases by 50%.
  • Make your body Disease proof: it has been found out that, once people experience orgasm, the chemical known as DHEA is released through-out the body. This DHEA, is a natural anti-aging chemical. Hence, it helps to raise your body immunity naturally.
  • Get your exercise: a good vigorous sex of thirty minutes can help you lose 100 calories per day. in that manner, just by performing sex, you can lose up to 5000 calories per year, by doing sex twice a week.

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