Having sex in bed can be great for health

If your partner is again not in right mood, then you can tell your partner that there are some great benefits of having sex which is good for health. As per the latest studies, the regular sex is something which improves your life and can offer some of the incredible advantages to boost health & well-being. The benefits includes the following as,

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  • Look young: as per the experts, there has been extensive research on women and men that showed that helps in improving the love life and even helps you in looking young and beautiful.
  • Boosts fertility: this also sounds as the music to most of the men’s ears and it has been found that making love can actually help in increasing the quality of sperm. Semen health showed that when sex is occurred less than two days earlier the sperm was tested and it was decreased greatly after the ten days of abstinence. If you are the one who is trying for baby, then keep sperm as fresh & in good shape for having sex around twice week and not only around time of woman’s ovulation.
  • Balances hormones: the daily sex can even assists in balancing the hormones of women and regulates their periods which can further improves the conceiving chances.
  • Fights flu and cold: having sex one or two times in a week is also found as raising the body levels of antibody known as the immunoglobulin which protects all from flu and cold.
  • Disease proof: having the higher levels of natural steroid DHEA is termed as hormone of anti-aging, which is believed to be as the key for keeping body fit and healthy.

Having sex is good for health in real and it can also lengthen the life.

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